FortiWLC – Events


Events are similar to alarms in that they indicate that a specific action has taken place. However, while alarms typically require some form of user intervention to resolve the problem, events simply provide an indication that a change has been made. As such, this tab provides a reference to actions on the system.

Figure 88: Events Table

The table below provides a brief description of the columns provided in the Events table. TABLE 36: Events Table Columns

Column Description
Event Name The name of the event triggered.
Severity The severity level; can range from Information, Minor, Major, Critical.
Source The type of device that triggered the event (controller, AP).
FDN The name of the device that triggered the event.
Raised At The date and time at which the event was triggered.
Detail Detailed information regarding the event, including identifying device details.
Modifying Event Definitions

While FortiWLC (SD) provides a list of pre-configured events, users can also customize the events to the needs of their environment via the Events > Definition tab.


Figure 89: Event Definitions

As shown above, each event has a predetermined severity level, trigger condition, and threshold, but these values can be modified by clicking the small pencil icon next to the desired alarm. This will pop up the Alarm Configuration window, as seen in Figure 87 on page 491. Figure 90: Editing an Event


Use the drop-downs provided in the window to tailor the event to the deployment’s needs and click Save when finished. If desired, the user can click Reload Default to reset the event’s configuration to its original values.

The Threshold field’s units will vary depending on the event selected—for example, when modifying Alarm History Reaches Threshold, the Threshold is measured in percentage of overall alarm table history (and defaults to 90%). However, in an event such as RADIUS Server Switchover, no threshold is needed at all, as it is a binary alarm (i.e., it is triggered when the RADIUS server is switched—there is no percentage involved).



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