FortiOS 5.6.6 Release Notes

Bug ID Description
411368 In FortiView with FortiAnalyzer, the combined MAC address is displayed in the Device field.


Bug ID Description
405239 URL rewritten incorrectly for a specific page in application server.
477231 Unable to login to VMware vSphere Client 6.5 through SSL VPN web portal.
495304 SSL VPN web portal with a bookmark pointing you to the website is not working.


Bug ID Description
295292 If private-data-encryption is enabled, when restoring config to a FortiGate, the FortiGate may not prompt the user to enter the key.
436580 PDQ_ISW_SSE drops at +/-100K CPS on FG-3700D with FOS 5.4 only.
436746 NP6 counter shows packet drops on FG-1500D. Pure firewall policy without UTM.
440411 Monitor NP6 IPsec engine status.
457096 FortiGate to FortiManager tunnel (FGFM) using the wrong source IP when multiple paths exist.
464873 RADIUS COA Disconnect-ACK message ignore RADIUS server source-ip setting.


Bug ID Description
441129 Certify FortiGate-VMX v5.6 with NSX v6.3 and vSphere v6.5.



Citrix XenServer limitations

The following limitations apply to Citrix XenServer installations:

  • XenTools installation is not supported.
  • FortiGate-VM can be imported or deployed in only the following three formats:
  • XVA (recommended)
  • VHD l OVF
  • The XVA format comes pre-configured with default configurations for VM name, virtual CPU, memory, and virtual NIC. Other formats will require manual configuration before the first power on process.

Open source XenServer limitations

When using Linux Ubuntu version 11.10, XenServer version 4.1.0, and libvir version 0.9.2, importing issues may arise when using the QCOW2 format and existing HDA issues.

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