FortiOS 5.6.6 Release Notes

Known Issues

The following issues have been identified in version 5.6.6. For inquires about a particular bug or to report a bug, please contact Customer Service & Support.

Application Control

Bug ID Description
435951 Traffic keeps going through the DENY NGFW policy configured with URL category.
448247 Traffic-shaper in shaping policy does not work for specific application category like as P2P.


Bug ID Description
393139 Software switch span doesn’t work on this platform.

FortiGate 3815D

Bug ID Description
385860 FG-3815D does not support 1GE SFP transceivers.


Bug ID Description
304199 HA with FortiLink traffic loss – no virtual MAC.
357360 DHCP snooping may not work on IPv6.
369099 FortiSwitch authorizes successfully, but fails to pass traffic until you reboot FortiSwitch.
404399 FortiLink goes down when connecting to ForiSwitch 3.4.2 b192.


Bug ID Description
366627 FortiView Cloud Application may display incorrect drill down File and Session list in the Applications View.
368644 Physical Topology: Physical Connection of stacked FortiSwitch may be incorrect.

Known Issues

Bug ID Description
375172 FortiGate under a FortiSwitch may be shown directly connected to an upstream FortiGate.
408100 Log fields are not aligned with columns after drill down on FortiView and Log details.
Bug ID Description
403229 In FortiView display from FortiAnalyzer, the upstream FortiGate cannot drill down to final level for downstream traffic.


Bug ID Description
356174 FortiGuard updategrp read-write privilege admin cannot open FortiGuard page.
374844 Should show ipv6 address when set ipv6 mode to pppoe/dhcp on GUI > Network >


375383 If the policy includes the wan-load-balance interface, the policy list page may receive a javascript error when clicking the search box.
422413 Use API monitor to get data for FortiToken list page.
442231 Link cannot show different colors based on link usage legend in logical topology real time view.
445113 IPS engine 3.428 on Fortigate sometimes cannot detect Psiphon packets that iscan can detect.
451776 Admin GUI has limit of 10 characters for OTP.


Bug ID Description
481943 Green checkmarks indicating HA sync status on GUI only appear beside virtual cluster 1.
Log & Report  
Bug ID Description
412649 In NGFW Policy mode, FortiGate does not create webfilter logs.
Bug ID Description
454185 Specific application does not work when deep inspection is enabled.

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