FortiWLC – Supported Modes of Operation for APs

Supported Modes of Operation for APs

AP332/AP400/AP832 and AP1000 with two radios can have both set to 5.0 GHz, but both radios cannot be set to 2.4 GHz. If you want to use both radios on 2.4 GHz, put the radios on separate channels.

AP1000 radios default to the following bands:

AP Model Radio 1 Radio 2 Radio 3
AP1010 BGN  
AP400 BGN AN Scanning on both bands (in AP433is)

Supported Modes of Operation for APs

AP Model Radio 1 Radio 2   Radio 3
AP822 BGN AC    
AP832 BGN AC  
Security Modes

Although AP400/AP1000 support all security modes supported by the 802.11i security standard (WEP, WPA, WPA2 and mixed mode), 802.11n supports only clear and WPA2 security. Even though you can configure any security mode for 802.11n, you only gain 11n benefits using WPA2 or clear. Because of this, any 11n client connected to an SSID configured for WEP or WPA will behave like a legacy ABG client. An 802.11n ESSID configured for either

WEP or WPA has no 802.11n rates for that ESSID. If you configure an ESSID for Mixed Mode, 802.11n rates are enabled only for the WPA2 clients; WPA clients behave like a legacy ABG client. See the chart below for details.

ESSID Security AP400/AP1000 Realize These 11n Benefits
Clear and


All 11n benefits are realized.
WEP and WPA No 11n benefits are realized. Clients behave like legacy ABG clients.
Mixed Mode 11n performance in ESS configured for mixed mode depends on kind of application used in the network. Only WPA2 clients connected to mixed mode have 11n benefits. WPA clients behave like legacy ABG clients.

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