FortiWLC – QoS Statistics Display Commands

QoS Statistics Display Commands

Displaying Phone/Call Status

To display the active SIP phones that have registered with a SIP server, use the show phones command.

Controller(15)# show phones

MAC                 IP               AP ID AP Name         Type Username            Server           Transport  

00:01:3e:12:24:b5    3     QoS‐Lab         sip  100   udp 

        Phone Table(1 entry)


To display the active SIP phone calls, use the show phone‐calls command. controller# sh phone‐calls

From MAC            From IP          From AP From AP Name    From Username       From Flow Pending   To MAC              To IP            To AP   To AP Name      To Username         To Flow   Pending   Type State  

00:0f:86:12:1d:7c     1       AP‐1            5381                100       off       00:00:00:00:00:00     0                      

69                  101       off       sip  connected    

        Phone Call Table(1 entry) controller#

Displaying Call Admission Details

To view the current calls supported by APs, use the show statistics call-admission-control ap command.

controller# show statistics call‐admission‐control ap

AP ID Current Calls Cumulative Rejected Calls

6     0             0                         Call Admission Control AP Statistics(1 entry)

To show calls in relation to specific BSSIDs, use the show statistics call-admission control bss command.

controller# show statistics call‐admission‐control bss

BSSID             Current Calls Cumulative Rejected Calls

00:0c:e6:13:00:da 0             0                  

00:0c:e6:52:b3:4b 0             0                   

00:0c:e6:f7:42:60 0             0                        

QoS Statistics Display Commands


        Call Admission Control BSS Statistics(3 entries)

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