FortiWLC – DSCP Marking for Management Packets

DSCP Marking for Management Packets

You can apply Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values to management and application traffic (see Application Visibility Enhancements section). DSCP value is a selectable field that can be used to assign various levels of precedence to network traffic.

By default, traffic packets contained an EF value and with the introduction of this feature you can change the priority bit from EF to an appropriate DSCP value that meets your requirements.

Management traffic between the following can be assigned DSCP values:

DSCP Marking for Management Packets

  • AP to Controller
  • Controller to AP
  • Controller to Network Manager
Enable DSCP Value

To configure DSCP from WebUI, go to Configuration > Policies > QoS  Settings > Marking Management Packets (tab).

Select the DSCP values for each traffic and click the SAVE button.

DSCP Marking for Management Packets

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