FortiWLC – Configuring 802.11k/r

Configuring 802.11k/r

Devices can now benefit from the 802.11r implementation to fast roam between best available access points within a controller domain. Additionally, with implementation of 802.11k specifications you can now calculate 802.11k neighbor and radio measurement reports.

The fast roaming capability and 802.11k is configurable in ESS profile.

Supported Access Points: AP122, AP822, AP832, OAP832

  • Supported only for clients that are compliant with 802.11k/v/r specifications Fast roaming is not available in inter-controller roaming.
Enabling 802.11k
Using WebUI
  • Go to Configuration > Wireless > ESS and in the ESS Profile tab, change the following:
  • For 802.11r, select On.
  • For 802.11r Mobility Domain, enter an integer value.
  • For 802.11k, select On to perform radio measurements.

Configuring 802.11k/r


Using CLI

default(15)# configure terminal default(15)(config)# essid fastroam‐1 default(15)(config‐essid)# 802.11r on default(15)(config‐essid)# 802.11k on default(15)(config‐essid)# 802.11r‐mobility‐domain‐id 100

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