FortiWLC – Configure and Deploy a VLAN

Configure and Deploy a VLAN

VLANs can be configured/owned either by E(z)RF Network Manager or by a controller. You can tell where a profile was configured by checking the read-only field Owner; the Owner is either nms-server or controller.

In order to map an ESSID to a VLAN, the VLAN must first be configured. To create a VLAN from the CLI, use the command vlan name tag id. The name can be up to 16 alphanumeric characters long and the tag id between 1 and 4,094.

For example, to create a VLAN named guest with a tag number of 1, enter the following in global configuration mode:

controller (config)# vlan guest tag 1 controller (config‐vlan)#

As shown by the change in the prompt above, you have entered VLAN configuration mode, where you can assign the VLAN interface IP address, default gateway, DHCP Pass-through or optional DHCP server (if specified, this DHCP server overrides the controller DHCP server configuration).

In the following example, the following parameters are set:

  • VLAN interface IP address: with a subnet mask of
  • Default gateway:
  • DHCP server:

controller (config‐vlan)# ip address controller (config‐vlan)# ip default-gateway controller (config‐vlan)# ip dhcp-server controller (config‐vlan)# exit controller (config)#

To create a VLAN from the GUI, click Config > Wired > VLAN > Add.

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