FortiWLC – Captive Portal With N+1

Captive Portal With N+1

Captive Portal changes are propagated in an Nplus1 environment as follows. When a slave takes over a master, it uses the master’s Captive Portal pages. If changes are made on that active slave, that change is not automatically propagated to the master.

Troubleshooting Captive Portal

  • The same subnet should not be entered for both CaptivePortal1 and CaptivePortal2. If you do this, only the CaptivePortal1 configured splash page will be displayed.

Captive Portal With N+1

  • Custom pages have to imported properly before making use of this feature. See “Optionally Customize and Use Your Own HTML Pages” on page 282.
  • To check if the pages and images have been properly imported into the controller use the command show web custom-area
  • To check if the imported page is coming up properly use the CLI https://<controller ip>/vpn/ <page Name>
  • To ensure that Captive Portal authentication is taking place, look at the access-accept message from the RADIUS server during Captive Portal authentication.
  • Even when using custom CP pages, four default HTML files are used; only two are actually customized. The only way to change this is to alter the four default files which are used for both CP1 and CP2.

Captive Portal Profiles

Captive portal profiles feature that allows you to create individual captive portal profiles with distinct configuration settings. Such captive portal profiles can be mapped to security profiles for fine control over captive portal user access.

A captive portal profile is created from the Configuration > Security > Captive Portal page. The Captive Portal Profile tab is used to specify the captive portal profile settings. Once created, this captive profile can be enabled in a security profile. The following screen-shots illustrate the process to create and assign a captive profile.

Captive Portal Profiles

  1. Creating a Captive Portal Profile
  2. Assigning a Captive Portal Profile to a Security Profile

Captive Portal Profiles

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