FortiWLC – Virtual Interfaces

Virtual Interfaces

When operating in L3 Routing mode, Virtual Interfaces can be configured in order to act in much the same way as the standard physical interfaces on a device: they can be assigned an IP (or range of IPs), subnet, and gateway, and can be used to isolate clients in their own pri-

Virtual Interfaces

vate IP range. Once a Virtual Interface is created, it can be mapped to a DHCP scope (see Feature Group) and an ESS in order to service clients.

To view the virtual interface table, access the WebUI and navigate to Configuration > Wired > Virtual Interface. Note that until at least one interface has been created, the table will be blank.

Adding a Virtual Interface

To create a new virtual interface, access the Virtual Interface Table and click Add. The Virtual Interface – Add screen appears. See Figure 43.

Figure 43: Creating a Virtual Interface

Provide the required details as described in the following table.

TABLE 13: Virtual Interface Fields

Field Description
Virtual Interface Profile Name Enter a descriptive name for the interface. Note that this must be between 1 and 32 characters in length.
Enable/Disable Use this drop-down to enable or disable the virtual interface.
Subnet IP Address Enter the subnet to be used by the interface. This is typically in the format, as shown above.
Subnet Mask Enter the subnet mask for the interface. This is typically in the format, as shown above.
Gateway IP Address Specify the IP address for the gateway on the selected subnet. This is typically in the format, as shown above.

Once the fields are filled in, click OK to save the interface. Repeat this process for as many interfaces as desired. After the interfaces have been created, you can assign them a DHCP scope. Refer to Feature Group for further instructions.

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