FortiWLC – Time Based ESS

Time Based ESS

You can schedule the availability of an ESS based on pre-define time intervals. By default, ESS profiles are always ON and available to clients/devices. By adding a timer, you can control the availability of an ESS profile based on pre-defined times during a day or across multiple days.

To create a time based ESS profile, you must first create a timer profile and then associate the timer profile to the ESS profile.

Creating a Timer Profile

You can create timer profile using WebUI or CLI.

Time Based ESS

Using WebUI

Go to Configuration > Timer and click the Add button.

In the Add Timer Profile pop up window, enter Timer Profile Name and select Timer Type:

  • Absolute timer profiles can enable and disable ESS visibility for time durations across multiple days. You can create up to 3 specific start and end time per timer profile. To enter start of the end time, click the Date picker box. See label 1 in figure 1.
  • Periodic timer profiles are a set of start and end timestamp that can be applied across multiple days of a week. To create a period timer profile, enter the time in hh:mm format. Where hh, represent hours in 2-digits and mm represent minutes in 2-digits. Figure 2, illustrates a timer profile that will be applied on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 08:10 a.m. or 14:45 (2.45 p.m).

Time Based ESS

Using CLI

A new CLI command timer-profile with various options is available to create a timer profile.


#(config‐mode) timer‐profile <profile‐name>

#(timer‐config‐mode) <timer‐type> <timer‐slot> start‐time <“mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm”> end‐time <“mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm”>

  • timer‐type is either absolute‐timer or periodic timer
  • Absolute timer profile allows creation of 3 timer slots.
  • Time must be specified within double quotes in this format: mm/dd/yyyy <space> hh:mm

Example: Creating an absolute timer profile default# configure terminal default (config)# timer‐profile monthly‐access

default (config‐timer)# absolute‐timer time‐slot‐1 start‐time “01/01/2014 10:10” end‐time “02/02/2014 08:45”


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