FortiWLC – Configuring Basic Networking for the Interface

Configuring Basic Networking for the Interface

Use the following commands to configure network parameters, if necessary:

  • To change the parameters of the FastEthernet port, use the interface FastEthernet command.
  • To set up a dynamic IP address assignment for the wireless clients using the DHCP relay server, use the ip dhcp-server ip-address command.
  • To set the IP address of the controller, use the ip address ip-address netmask command.
  • To set the default gateway, use the ip default-gateway ip-address command.
  • To set the domain name, use the ip domainname name command.
  • To add one or more DNS name servers, use the ip dns-server ip-address command.

For additional information about configuring network information, see the FortiWLC (SD) Getting Started Guide. For more information about the listed commands, see the FortiWLC (SD) Command Reference.

802.11d Support

The original 802.11 standard defined operation in only a few regulatory domains (countries). 802.11d added the ability for 802.11 WLAN equipment to operate in additional countries by advertising the country code in the beacon. Devices pick up the country code and adjust com-

Configuring Basic Networking for the Interface                                                                                                                      199


munication accordingly. You do not have to configure or enable this feature; the Fortinet implementation currently works automatically for all countries listed in setup. There is no show command that displays this feature. Validate 802.11d in the 802.11 Beacons and Probe Response, Country code IE field.

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