FortiWLC – When is Virtualization Really on for an AP?

When is Virtualization Really on for an AP?

All APs except AP400 is always ready to use Virtual Cell or Native Cell; no configuration at the radio level is necessary. To enable either of them, simply configure the RF Virtualization mode in each ESS profile to Virtual Cell or Native Cell.

When is Virtualization Really on for an AP?

For AP400, the RF Virtualization mode is set to Virtual Port on the radio interface by default, and it can be changed as desired. This setting overrides the RF Virtualization mode configuration at the ESS-level. Both the radio and the ESS in use must be set as Virtual Port for RF Virtualization mode for AP400 to work.

The following table illustrates the three possible configurations for the AP400 Virtual Port:

  Radio Configuration ESS Configuration ESSIDs are…
AP400 on on Virtualized
off off Not Virtualized
off on Not Virtualized

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