FortiWLC – Multicast MAC Transparency Feature

Multicast MAC Transparency Feature

This feature enables MAC transparency for tunneled multicast, which is needed for some clients to receive multicast packets. Multicasting is an advanced feature and can cause subtle changes in your network. By default, multicasting is disabled. To enable it, use either the multicast-enable command (see example below) or Configuration > Wireless > ESS > Add in the Web UI (see example below).

Multicasting is an advanced feature. Enabling multicasting in the WLAN can cause subtle changes in your network. Contact Meru Networks Customer Service Technical Assistance Center before enabling multicasting.

Enable Multicast From the Web UI

To enable multicasting from the Web UI, add or modify an ESS. For directions, see “Add an ESS with the Web UI” on page 137.

Enable Multicast with the CLI

The following example enables multicasting with the CLI: controller(config‐essid)# multicast-enable

For command details, see the FortiWLC (SD) Command Reference.

View Mapping Between VLANs and ESS Profiles

Use the following command to see the VLANs and ESS profiles currently mapped: controller# show vlan ess‐profile

For command details, see the FortiWLC (SD) Command Reference.

Multicast MAC Transparency Feature

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