FortiWLC Configuring FortiWLM Location Manager

Configuring FortiWLM Location Manager

Location Manager is supported by release 3.7 and later.

Configuring with the CLI

This example creates a packet-capture-profile named Location on a controller and then forwards the captured packets directly from AP 16 to Location Manager on port #9177. Port 9177 is the port where Location Manager is listening for incoming packets in L3 mode.


MC3K‐1# configure terminal

Licensing for Virtual Controllers


MC3K‐1(config)# packet‐capture‐profile Location

MC3K‐1(config‐pcap)# mode l3 destination‐ip port 9177

MC3K‐1(config‐pcap)# ap‐list 16

MC3K‐1(config‐pcap)# exit

MC3K‐1(config)# exit

MC3K‐1# show packet‐capture‐profile Location AP Packet Capture profiles

Packet Capture Profile Name            : Location Packet Capture profile Enable/Disable   : off

Modes Allowed L2/L3                     : l3

Destination IP Address                  :

UDP Destination Port                    : 9177

Destination MAC for L2 mode             : 00:00:00:00:00:00

Rx only/Tx only/Both                    : rx

Rate Limiting per station or cumulative : station

Token Bucket Rate                       : 10 Token Bucket Size                       : 10 AP Selection                            : 16

Extended Filter String                  : Interface List                          :

Packet Truncation Length                : 82

Rate Limiting                           : off

Capture frames sent by other APs in the network : on MC3K‐1#

For a detailed explanation of the packet capture profile commands, see the Troubleshooting chapter of the FortiWLC (SD) Configuration Guide.

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