FortiWLC Configuring FortiPresence API

Configuring FortiPresence API

The FortiPresence API extends the wireless retail analytics solution to retailers who can use data from the analytics report to understand customer behavior, for example when they arrive, length of stay or come into the store, how long they stay, and if they are a new or repeat customer.

How it Works

When the location server feature is enabled on the controller, all 11ac APs send STA reports of STA/AP in their discovered list and STA in the assigned list at configured time intervals.

The controller forwards the STA reports to the data analytics server which then analyses the data and provides user-friendly information to the user.

Configuring the Controller

The location-server feature can be enabled on the controller using the following commands. There are two report formats – Legacy and FortiPresence. The standard FortiPresence feed should be used by 3rd party partners. The information needed below can be obtained when you purchase a FortiPresence license for this feature.

  1. Specify the location server IP address.

(config)# location-server ip-address

  1. Specify the location server port. The port is the port used for communication between the controller and the location server

(config)# location-server port 300

  1. Specify the project name. The project-name indicates to which customer project the packets belong. Maximum of 16 ASCII characters can be used

(config)# location-server project-name FortiStore

Configuring FortiPresence API

  1. Specify password. The secret (password) is a shared secret to sign each packet to in order to validate its authenticity and integrity. Maximum of 16 ASCII characters can be used.

(config)# location-server secret fortisecret

  1. Specify the report format. The standard FortiPresence feed should be used. Maximum of

16 ASCII characters can be used

(config)# location-server report-format forti-presence

  1. Specify report interval at which the reports are queried. The Location Report Interval (in Seconds). The default is 5 seconds.

(config)# location-server report interval 30

  1. Specify the location server source.

(config)# location-server source wifi

To view the configured details, use the show location- server command.

#show location‐server Location Server Configuration

ReportFormat                          : forti‐presence

Project Name                          : FortiStore

Enable/Disable Location Server        : enable

Secret                                : *****

Location Server Source                : wifi

Location Server IP Address            :

Location Server Port                  : 300

Location Report Interval (in Seconds) : 30

The output indicates that all APs should send station-locate reports every 30 seconds and the controller forwards it to the server 1:1:1:1 configured on UDP port 300

The update frequency specifies the frequency at which the updates are sent for a client and is measured in seconds. The default is 5 seconds.The client devices will be spread out across the 5 seconds based on MAC address. There will be an update every 5 seconds for each cli-

Configuring FortiPresence API

ent. Increasing the frequency can have a negative impact on location data in congested wireless networks.

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