FortiWLC Upgrading Patches

Upgrading Patches

In addition to providing options to install and un-install patches, you can now easily view more details about the contents of a patch and also get history of patches installed in the controller.

These new options are available via the controller WebUI and the CLI.

Using the WebUI

Patch management options are available in the Maintenance > File Management > Patches tab. If there patch build file copied in the controller, they will be listed on this page. For specific option, select a patch file and click the option at the bottom of the page.

  1. List of Patches
  2. Patch History
  3. Patch Install
Using CLI
  1. show patches

Displays the list of patch builds copied to the controller.

#show patches

8.0‐0dev‐51‐patch‐bug1234 [installed]







  1. show patch installed

Displays the patch currently installed in the controller.

controller(15)# show patch installed


  1. show patch history

Displays the history of all the patches installed and uninstalled in the controller controller(15)# show patch history

2015:07:24 01:51:13: uninstalled 8.0‐0dev‐50‐patch‐bug1234 on build 8.0‐0dev‐51

2015:07:24 01:54:13: installed 8.0‐0dev‐51‐patch‐bug1234_bug1235 on build 8.00dev‐51

2015:07:24 01:56:39: uninstalled 8.0‐0dev‐51‐patch‐bug1234_bug1235 on build



2015:07:24 14:54:50: uninstalled 8.0‐0dev‐51‐patch‐bug1234 on build 8.0‐0dev‐51

  1. show patch details <patch-name>

Displays the list of bug fixes available in this patch.

controller(15)# show patch details 8.0‐0dev‐50‐patch‐bug1234

8.0‐0dev‐50‐patch‐bug1234 patch is revertable bugs:   37405: summary of bug 37405


  1. show patch contents <patch-name>

Displays the md5 sum of the patch build.

controller(15)# show patch contents 8.0‐0dev‐50‐patch‐bug1234



  /opt/meru/etc/coord.config: 3d4c720265e21a53dfafe2a484e8bf11

  1. patch uninstall <patch-name>

Use this command to un-install the patch build from the controller. controller(15)# patch uninstall 7. Reverting from backup.

cp ‐f /data/.patch‐backup//meru‐8.0‐0dev‐51‐patch‐bug1234/coord.config /opt/ meru/etc/coord.config

Reverting from backup done.


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