FortiWLC Manipulating Terminal Characteristics

Manipulating Terminal Characteristics

Displaying Terminal Settings

To display the current terminal settings, including the screen length and width, type:

controller> show terminal

Terminal Length:         0

Terminal Width:          80

History Buffer Size:     10

Customizing the CLI Prompt

Setting Terminal Screen Length and Width

By default, the terminal length is set to 0 rows, and the width is set to 80 columns. To override this default setting, and set the number of lines or character columns on the current terminal screen for the current session, use the following commands in user EXEC mode:

controller> terminal length screen‐length controller> terminal width characters

To reset the terminal length and width to the default values, use the default command:

controller> default terminal length controller> default terminal width

Setting the terminal length to a non-zero value turns on paging. When the output length exceeds the terminal length, the output is paused and a —More— is displayed:

  1. If the space bar is pressed at the —More— prompt, another page of output is displayed.
  2. If the ENTER key is pressed at the —More— prompt, a single line of output is displayed.
  3. If any other character at the —More— prompt, this signifies the end of output and the command prompt is displayed.

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