FortiWLC Getting Help

Getting Help

Entering a question mark (?) at the system prompt displays a list of commands for each command mode. When using context-sensitive help, the space (or lack of a space) before the question mark (?) is significant. To obtain a list of commands that begin with a particular character sequence, enter those characters followed immediately by the question mark (?). Do not include a space. This form of help is called word help, because it completes a word for you.

To list keywords or arguments, enter a question mark (?) in place of a keyword or argument. Include a space before the ?. This form of help is called command syntax help, because it reminds you which keywords or arguments are applicable based on the command, keywords, and arguments you already have entered.

TABLE 1: Examples of Help Commands

Command Purpose
(prompt)# help Displays a brief description of the help system.
(prompt) # abbreviated-command? Lists commands in the current mode that begin with a particular character string.
(prompt)# abbreviated-command<Tab> Completes a partial command name
(prompt)# ? Lists all commands available in command mode

Using No and Default Forms of Commands

TABLE 1: Examples of Help Commands

Command Purpose
(prompt)# command? Lists the available syntax options (arguments and keywords) for the command.
(prompt)# command keyword ? Lists the next available syntax for this command.

The prompt displayed depends on the configuration mode.

You can abbreviate commands and keywords to the number of characters that allow a unique abbreviation. For example, you can abbreviate the configure terminal command to config t.

Entering the help command will provide a description of the help system. This is available in any command mode.

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