FortiWLC Abbreviating Commands

Abbreviating Commands

You only have to enter enough characters for the CLI to recognize the command as unique. This example shows how to enter the show security command, with the command show abbreviated to sh:

Lab‐mc3200# sh security‐profile default

Security Profile Table

Security Profile Name : default

L2 Modes Allowed : clear

Data Encrypt : none

Primary RADIUS Profile Name :

Secondary RADIUS Profile Name :

WEP Key (Alphanumeric/Hexadecimal) : *****

Static WEP Key Index : 1

Re‐Key Period (seconds) : 0

Captive Portal : disabled

802.1X Network Initiation : off Tunnel Termination: PEAP, TTLS

Shared Key Authentication : off

Pre‐shared Key (Alphanumeric/Hexadecimal) : *****

Group Keying Interval (seconds) : 0

Key Rotation : disabled

Reauthentication : off

MAC Filtering : off

Firewall Capability : none

Firewall Filter ID :

Security Logging : off

Allow mentioned IP/Subnet to pass through Captive portal :

Subnet Mask for allowed IP/Subnet to pass through Captive portal :

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