Finding Words in show Command Output

Finding Words in show Command Output

To quickly locate a word in the output of any show command, use the following command: show argument | grep “string”

For this feature to work, only one show command can be the input to the grep and the show command cannot have arguments (for example, the form of the command) such as show ap 54. The “string” is a literal, case-sensitive word to search for (such as AP-54), and must be enclosed in double quotation marks. Only one string search can be performed per command line.

Finding Words in show Command Output

As an example, to search for and display the entry for AP-54 in the output of the show ap command, use the command: controller# show ap | grep “AP‐54”

AP ID AP Name     Serial Number      Op State  Availability   Runtime          

Connectivity AP Model AP Type

54    AP‐54       00:0c:e6:00:3e:a8  Disabled  Offline        3.1.4‐25 None         AP332 Local  

        AP Table(1 entry)

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