VXLAN support for multiple remote IPs (398959)

VXLAN support for multiple remote IPs (398959)

VXLAN is now supported for multiple remote IPs, these remote IPs can be IPv4 unicast, IPv6 unicast, IPv4 multicast, or IPv6 multicast. This is useful in datacenter scenarios where the FortiGate can be configured with multiple tunnels to computer nodes.

CLI changes set ip-version option can be set to the following: ipv4-unicast //Use IPv4 unicast addressing for VXLAN. ipv6-unicast //Use IPv6 unicast addressing for VXLAN. ipv4-multicast //Use IPv4 multicast addressing for VXLAN. ipv6-multicast //Use IPv6 multicast addressing for VXLAN.

When ip-version is set to ipv4-multicast or ipv6-multicast, ttl option is replaced by multicast-ttl.

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