Using the Rogue AP Monitor

Using the Rogue AP Monitor

Go to Monitor > Rogue AP Monitor to view the list of other wireless access points that are receivable at your location.

Information Columns

Actual columns displayed depends on Column Settings.

Rogue AP — Use this status for unauthorized APs that On-wire status indicates are attached to your wired networks.

Accepted AP — Use this status for APs that are an authorized part of your network or

Stateare neighboring APs that are not a security threat. To see accepted APs in the list, select Show Accepted.

Unclassified — This is the initial status of a discovered AP. You can change an AP back to unclassified if you have mistakenly marked it as Rogue or Accepted.

OnlineActive AP


Inactive AP

Active ad-hoc WiFi device

Inactive ad-hoc WiFi device

SSID            The wireless service set identifier (SSID) or network name for the wireless interface.
Security           The type of security currently being used. Type
Channel       The wireless radio channel that the access point uses.
MAC     The MAC address of the Wireless interface. Address

The name of the vendor.


Signal  The relative signal strength of the AP. Mouse over the symbol to view the signal-to-noise Strength           ratio.

The name or serial number of the AP unit that detected the signal. By

On-wire         A green up-arrow indicates a suspected rogue, based on the on-wire detection technique. A red down-arrow indicates AP is not a suspected rogue.
First Seen     How long ago this AP was first detected.


Last Seen How long ago this AP was last detected.
Rate Data rate in bps.

To change the Online Status of an AP, right-click it and select Mark Accepted or Mark Rogue.

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