Configuring rogue scanning

Configuring rogue scanning

All APs using the same FortiAP Profile share the same rogue scanning settings, unless override is configured.

To enable rogue AP scanning with on-wire detection – web-based manager

  1. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > WIDS Profiles.

On some models, the menu is WiFi & Switch Controller.

  1. Select an existing WIDS Profile and edit it, or select Create New.
  2. Make sure that Enable Rogue AP Detection is selected.
  3. Select Enable On-Wire Rogue AP Detection.
  4. Optionally, enable Auto Suppress Rogue APs in Foreground Scan.
  5. Select OK.

To enable the rogue AP scanning feature in a custom AP profile – CLI

config wireless-controller wids-profile edit FAP220B-default set ap-scan enable set rogue-scan enable


Exempting an AP from rogue scanning

By default, if Rogue AP Detection is enabled, it is enabled on all managed FortiAP units. Optionally, you can exempt an AP from scanning. You should be careful about doing this if your organization must perform scanning to meet PCI-DSS requirements.


To exempt an AP from rogue scanning – web-based manager
  1. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > Managed FortiAPs.
  2. Select which AP to edit.
  3. In Wireless Settings, enable Override Settings.
  4. Select Do not participate in Rogue AP Scanning and then select OK.
To exempt an AP from rogue scanning – CLI

This example shows how to exempt access point AP1 from rogue scanning.

config wireless-controller wtp edit AP1 set override-profile enable set ap-scan disable


MAC adjacency

You can adjust the maximum WiFi to Ethernet MAC difference used when determining whether an suspect AP is a rogue.

To adjust MAC adjacency

For example, to change the adjacency to 8, enter

config wireless-controller global set rogue-scan-mac-adjacency 8 end

Monitoring rogue APs                                                                                                  Wireless network monitoring

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3 thoughts on “Configuring rogue scanning

  1. Hi,

    How many Rogue Ap´s can i suppress with this configuration??
    Because in my work, we are surrounded by AP´s and this is affecting my wireless network.

    • I have had deployments in highly concentrated areas do well. I have never done a hard count though.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for replying my question.
        But i am using right now an AP in Dedicated Monitor mode, and i am not feeling any difference and my wireless connection is slower than my wired connection. And this option, i don´t know the porpouse: (Enable Passive Scan Mode), i searched in Google but i don´t find anything about it.

        Thanks for your time.

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