Internet service configuration (405518)

Internet service configuration (405518)

To make the CLI configuration of Internet service configuration more intuitive, the settings for Internet service in Explicit Web proxy are closer to those in the Firewall police. An Internet service enable switch has been added to the Explicit Web proxy with the same text description as the Firewall policy.


The relevant options in the firewall policy are:

config firewall policy edit 1 set internet-service enable

set internet-service-id 327681 1572864 917519 393225 1572888 1572877 917505

next end

The Explicit Web proxy is now has these options:

config firewall explicit-proxy-policy

edit 1

set uuid f68e0426-dda8-51e6-ac04-37fc3f92cadf

set proxy web set dstintf “port9” set srcaddr “all” set internet-service 2686980 set action accept set schedule “always” set logtraffic all

next end

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