AWS API integration for dynamic firewall address object (400265)

AWS API integration for dynamic firewall address object (400265)

Some new settings have been added to the CLI that will support instance information being retrieved directly from the AWS server. The IP address of a newly launched instance can be automatically added to a certain firewall address group if it meets specific requirements. The new address type is:ADDR_TYPE_AWS New CLI configuration settings:

The AWS settings config aws

set access-key set secret-key set region set vpc-id set update-interval

l access-key – AWS access key. l secret-key – AWS secret key. l region – AWS region name. l vpc-id – AWS VPC ID. l update-interval – AWS service update interval (60 – 600 sec, default = 60).

The AWS address:

config firewall address edit <address name> set type aws set filter <filter values>

The filter can be a combination of any number of conditions, as long as the total length of filter is less than 2048 bytes. The syntax for the filter is:

<key1=value1> [& <key2=value2>] [| <key3=value3>]

For each condition, it includes a key and value, the supported keys are:

  1. instanceId, (e.g. instanceId=i-12345678)
  2. instanceType, (e.g. instanceType=t2.micro)
  3. imageId, (e.g. imageId=ami-123456)
  4. keyName, (e.g. keyName=aws-key-name)
  5. architecture, (e.g. architecture=x86)
  6. subnetId, (e.g. subnetId=sub-123456)
  7. availabilityzone, (e.g. placement.availabilityzone=us-east-1a)
  8. groupname, (e.g. placement.groupname=group-name)
  9. tenancy, (e.g. placement.tenancy=tenancy-name)
  10. privateDnsName, (e.g.
  11. publicDnsName, (e.g.
  12. AWS instance tag, each tag includes a key and value, the format of tag set is: tag.Name=Value, maximum of 8 tags are supported.

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