Setting your geographic location

Setting your geographic location

The maximum allowed transmitter power and permitted radio channels for WiFi networks depend on the region in which the network is located. By default, the WiFi controller is configured for the United States. If you are located in any other region, you need to set your location before you begin configuring wireless networks.

To change the location setting – CLI

To change the country to France, for example, enter

config wireless-controller setting set country FR


To see the list of country codes, enter a question mark (‘?’) instead of a country code.


Creating     FortiAP Profile

View all Country & Regcodes/Regulatory Domains

The following CLI command can be entered to view a list of the Country & Regcodes/Regulatory Domains supported by Fortinet:

cw_diag -c all-countries

Below is a table showing a sample of the list displayed by entering this command:

Country-code Region-code Domain ISO-name Name
0                        A FCC3 & FCCA NA              NO_COUNTRY_SET
8                        W NULL1 & WORLD AL              ALBANIA
12                      W NULL1 & WORLD DZ              ALGERIA
16                      A FCC3 & FCCA AS              AMERICAN SAMOA
              …                    …          …                             …

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