Configuring DHCP for WiFi clients

Configuring DHCP for WiFi clients

Wireless clients need to have IP addresses. If you use RADIUS authentication, each user’s IP address can be stored in the Framed-IP-Address attribute. Otherwise, you need to configure a DHCP server on the WLAN interface to assign IP addresses to wireless clients.

To configure a DHCP server for WiFi clients – web-based manager

  1. Go to WiFi & Switch Controller > SSID and edit your SSID entry.
  2. In DHCP Server select Enable.
  3. In Address Range, select Create New.
  4. In the Starting IP and End IP fields, enter the IP address range to assign.

By default an address range is created in the same subnet as the wireless interface IP address, but not including that address.

  1. Set the Netmask to an appropriate value, such as
  2. Set the Default Gateway to Same as Interface IP.
  3. Set the DNS Server to Same as System DNS.
  4. If you want to restrict access to the wireless network by MAC address, see Adding a MAC filter on page 51.
  5. Select OK.

To configure a DHCP server for WiFi clients – CLI

In this example, WiFi clients on the example_wlan interface are assigned addresses in the range to connect with the WiFi access point on

config system dhcp server edit 0 set default-gateway set dns-service default set interface example_wlan set netmask config ip-range edit 1 set end-ip set start-ip



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