FortiSIEM HP BladeSystem Configuration

HP BladeSystem Configuration

What is Discovered and Monitored

Protocol Information Discovered Metrics collected Used for
SNMP Host name, Access IP, Hardware components – processors, chassis, blades, board, cpu, memory, storage, power supply unit, fan unit Hardware status: Fan status, Power supply status, power enclosure status, Overall status Availability and



Event Types

There are no event types defined specifically for this device.


There are no predefined rules for this device.


There are no predefined reports for this device.



AccelOps uses SNMP to discover the HP BladeSystem and collect hardware statistics. See the instructions on configuring SNMP in your Bladesystem documentation to enable communications with AccelOps.

After you have configured SNMP on your BladeSystem blade server, you can configure AccelOps to communicate with your device by following the instructions in Setting Access Credentials for Device Discovery, and then initiate discovery of the device as described in the topics in Discover ing Infrastructure.

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