FortiSIEM Creating Dynamic CMDB Group Policies

Creating Dynamic CMDB Group Policies

This setting allows you to write rules to put devices in CMDB Device Group and Business Service Groups of your choice. When a device is discovered, the policies defined here are applied and the device is assigned to the group(s) defined in the matching policies.

To create a new CMDB Group Policy

  1. Go to Admin > General Settings > Discovery > CMDB Group
  2. Click Add
  3. For matching conditions – enter the following information
    1. Organization – the organization which this rule applies to
    2. Vendor – the matching device vendor – select from the list
    3. Model – the matching device model – select from the list
    4. Host Name – matching device host name via regular expression match
    5. IP Range – matching device access IP – format is single IP, IP range, CIDR
  4. For Actions (Add To) – enter the following information
    1. Groups – specify the groups which the matching devices will be added to
    2. Biz Services – specify the business services which the matching devices will be added to

To apply one or more CMDB Group policies,

  1. Select one or more policies and click Apply or Click Apply All to apply all policies.
  2. Once a policy is saved, then next discovery will apply these policies. That means, discovered devices will belong to the groups and business services defined in the policies.

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