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Reports is the built-in monitoring and traffic pattern analysis tool for instant status of WAN connections and traffic statistics analysis. MIS personnel can perform offline and more detailed analysis of the data to gain insight into user traffic patterns for better network design and management policy definition. However, FortiWAN generates large volumes of raw activity logs during the process of monitoring its functions. For long-term or trend analysis, Reports is an online companion tool that greatly simplifies the analysis of the data. Reports Features l Provides historical detail and reporting over longer periods of time (See “Create a Report”).

l Provides more fine-grained subcategories of analysis and reports (See “Advanced Functions of Reports: Drill in”). l Provides customized filters on reports (See “Advanced Functions of Reports: Custom Filter”). l Provides instant email of reports in PDF formats (See “Advanced Functions of Reports: Report Email”). l Reports can be saved in PDF format (See “Advanced Functions of Reports: Export”). l Supports user-select report date range (See “Create a Report”). l Supports user-specified backup of original log and database data (See “Reports Database Tool”).

Reports provides analysis and reporting capabilities on device status, top bandwidth utilization and function status. MIS personnel can gain complete understanding of the detailed network statistics via the various reports. Such statistics include, for example, the exact time of failure of every WAN link, the peak rate and amount of bandwidth of every WAN link, the minimum and maximum traffic volume for a given specified day range, the traffic volume and service conditions of a certain server during a specified day range. Bandwidth Usage presents the analysis of how the bandwidth of every WAN link is used: what connections are constructed between which internal IP and external IP hosts, what services operate on the connections, and what and how much traffic is transferred through which WAN link? For example, you can obtain, from Reports analysis, the external traffic destinations from any or all devices inside the LAN or look at what internet servers attracted the most traffic from your enterprise.

It is important to have a solid grasp of the functionality and operational theory of Reports in order to effectively analyze network traffic patterns and various statistics of FortiWAN for optimal management policy definition.

Reports reporting function is calendar-based (in the upper right portion of the UI screen). Reporting can be done for a specific day, by highlighting that date in the calendar. Reporting can be done over a range of dates by specifying the start date and the end date on the Calendar.

Reports reporting function is divided into three categories and eighteen subcategories:

  • Device Status: Dashboard, Bandwidth, CPU, Session, WAN Traffic, WAN Reliability, WAN Status, TR Reliability and TR Status (See “Device Status”).
  • Bandwidth Usage: In Class, Out Class, WAN, Service, Internal IP and Traffic Rate (See “Bandwidth Usage”). l Function Status: Connection Limit, Firewall, Virtual Server and Multihoming (See “Function Status”).

To make those data and analysis available, please enable Reports via Log > Reports (See “Enable Reports“) or Reports > Settings > Reports (See “Settings > Reports“).

Create a Report

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