FortiWAN Create a Report

Create a Report

Report’s reporting function is calendar-based (in the upper right portion of the UI screen). Reporting can be done for a specific day, by highlighting that date in the calendar. Reporting can be done over a range of dates by specifying the start date and the end date on the Calendar.

Enable Reports

Please complete the necessary setting to enable FortiWAN Reports via Log > Reports (See “Enable Reports”) or Reports > Settings > Reports (See “Settings > Reports”), or data is unavailable for Reports.

Select a Report Type

On the left of the main page is the Category Area where you can select a report type.

Specify a Date or Date Range

At the upper right corner of the Display Area exists a date selector where you can specify a single date or date range. Click on the magnifier icon next to the date selector to start with date selection.

l Time between 00:00 to 23:59 (of a selected date) l Days from start to end if Date Range specified (max 90 days)

Single Date

Start date:

  • Click on the field under “Start date” to call up a calendar for further selection.
  • Select a date from the calendar, and reports will be generated on the selected date from 00:00 to 23:59. The selected date is highlighted in white, while the other dates are displayed in gray, and today’s date is circled in yellow.
  • Click the right or left arrow to go to the next or previous month. l Click Apply to complete date selection, and reports will then be generated accordingly. l Choose a different report type from the Category Area to generate reports on the same date selected if needed.

Date Range

To select a date range:

Export and Email

  • Click the checkbox between Start date and the End date, and then Start time, End date and End time will become available for selection (as shown below):
  • Put a Start date and End date by clicking the input field and selecting from the calendar. l Input the Start time and End time in the format of HH:MM. Note that the duration cannot exceed 90 days. l Click Apply to complete date range selection and start generating reports.
  • Choose a different report type from the Category Area to generate reports on the same date range selected if needed.

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