FortiWAN Bandwidth Usage Report

Bandwidth Usage

This report category is the core function of the Reports and also serves as the basis for traffic analysis to gain insights for better policy management. This category can further be divided into In Class, Out Class, WAN, Service, Internal IP and Traffic Rate.

The Bandwidth Usage Report includes: Charts (upper) and Statistics Table (lower).

Pie Charts display respective percentage of all the traffic patterns that sorted (default) by the total data volume (IN

+ OUT) shown on the page. The Pie Charts display will change depending upon which column in the Statistics Table is selected for primary sorting. This Pie Chart shows the percentage of the traffic pattern of the top 10 items only, which might not match the percentage value listed in the Statistics Table. Use it only as a visual reference to see who the major users are.

  • Bar Charts illustrate the total volume of each traffic pattern shown on the page, and the percentage of each traffic pattern out of total traffic. The Bar Chart display will change depending upon which column in the Statistics Table is selected for primary sorting.
  • The Statistics Table is the numerical presentation of the same information illustrated in the Pie chart and Bar Charts. The traffic statistics includes information of total traffic, inbound traffic, outbound traffic and percentage of total traffic. l Inbound Bytes: The volume of traffic originating from outside of FortiWAN, going into the internal network. l Outbound Bytes: The volume of traffic originating from inside of FortiWAN, going to the external network. l Total Bytes: (Default primary sorting) The volume of total traffic = Inbound Bytes + Outbound Bytes.

The statistics table lists 10, 20, 50 or 100 entries sorted by default in declining order by total data volume. By default the first screen shows the top 10 entries, but navigation buttons and a direct-entry page box at the lower right corner of the screen allow you to examine all items found. The default number of rows to be listed on the report page can be defined in account settings.

The Statistics Table may be re-sorted by Inbound Bytes, Outbound Bytes or Total Bytes, by selecting the appropriate column header. The Pie and Bar charts will reformat to reflect the selected traffic measurement.

Note that the percentage of total traffic shown in the Statistics Table may not be the same as that shown on the Pie Chart. The Statistics Table shows the percentage of total traffic in all traffic patterns, while the Pie Chart only shows the total of the top 10 traffic users.

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