FortiWAN Maintenance


Click [Factory Default] to reset configurations to factory default. Or you can perform “resetconfig” command in console. Click [Reboot] to reboot FortiWAN. For information on console command, please refer to Console Mode Commands.

Web UI Port

Type the port number in [New Port] and then click [Setport]. Enter the new port number when you log in again into Web UI. Additionally, the new port shall avoid conflict with FortiWAN reserved ports when configuring the port. Otherwise, FortiWAN will display error message of port settings failure and resume to the correct port number that was configured last time.


Port Service Port Service Port Service
1 tcpmux 102 iso-tsap 530 courier
7 echo 103 gppitnp 531 Chat
9 discard 104 acr-nema 532 netnews
11 systat 109 pop2 540 uucp
13 daytime 110 pop3 556 remotefs
15 netstat 111 sunrpc 563 nntp+ssl
17 qotd 113 auth 587  
19 chargen 115 sftp 601  
20 ftp-data 117 uucp-path 636 ldap+ssl
21 ftp-cntl 119 nntp 993 imap+ssl
22 ssh 123 NTP 995 pop3+ssl
23 telnet 135 loc-srv/epmap 1111 FortiWAN reserved
25 smtp 139 netbios 1900 FortiWAN reserved
37 time 143 imap2 2005 FortiWAN reserved
42 name 179 BGP 2049 nfs
43 nicname 389 ldap 2223 FortiWAN reserved
53 domain 465 smtp+ssl 2251 FortiWAN reserved
77 priv-rjs 512 print/exec 3535 FortiWAN reserved
79 finger 513 login 3636 FortiWAN reserved
87 ttylink 514 shell 4045 Lockd
95 supdup 515 printer 6000 x11
Port Service Port Service Port Service
101 hostriame 526 tempo 49152 FortiWAN reserved

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One thought on “FortiWAN Maintenance

  1. lflaquio

    How do we do perform password recovery on Fortiwan1000B.
    Dont have the admin or Administrator account password.
    We cannot reset the device on Console due failed login attempts.
    During boot interruption only changing the firmware image is allowed but re-image of the firmware still the device is inaccessible upon log in.

    kindly advise?


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