FortiWAN License Control

License Control

License Control provides users with all the License Key configurations, including:

Bandwidth Upgrade License:

FortiWAN provides various bandwidth capabilities for individual model. Bandwidth upgrade on models is supported via a license key. You could ask your distributor for bandwidth upgrade license keys.

  • FortiWAN 200B provides 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps and 600 Mbps bandwidth capability.
  • FortiWAN 1000B provides 1 Gbps, and 2 Gbps. l FortiWAN 3000B provides 3 Gbps, 6 Gbps, and 9 Gbps bandwidth capability.

Product Model Bandwidth Capability

Product Model Bandwidth Capability
FortiWAN 200B 200 Mbps / 400 Mbps / 600 Mbps
FortiWAN 1000B 1 Gbps / 2 Gbps
FortiWAN 3000B 3 Gbps / 6 Gbps / 9 Gbps

Note: Conditional bandwidth upgrade is provided for old models. Please contact customer support to gain further information.


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