FortiWAN – Busyhour Settings

Busyhour Settings

[Busyhour Settings] plays a crucial role in managing bandwidth. .Generally opening hours Mon-Fri: 09h00 to 18h00 is configured to be busy hours, for this period sees the advent of bandwidth-intensive applications in both intranet and extranet.


Default Type : Time segment unspecified in [Rules] below fall into this Default type either as idle or busy hours.
Rules : Defines time segment. The time segments are matched in sequence on a first-match basis. If none of the rules match, the default type is used. If time segment in [Default Type] is defined as idle hours, then unspecified time segment in this [Rules] is taken as idle hours as well.
E : Check the field box to add time segments in this list to [Rules].
Day of Week : Select a day of the week.
From : Start time.
To : End time.
Type : Defines the time segment, either busy or idle hours.

For the case that time period 09:00-18:00 from Monday to Saturday belongs to busy hour and only Sunday belongs to idle hour, set an idle rule for 00:00-00:00 on Sunday beyond a busy rule for Any day 09:00-18:00. The rule would be first matched from the top down.

As is shown in the figure, Sunday and hours beyond Mon-Sat: 09h00-18h00 are set to be idle hours. Remaining hours of the week belong to busy hours.

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