Custom FortiClient Installations

Custom FortiClient Installations

The FortiClient Configurator tool is the recommended method of creating customized FortiClient installation files.

You can also customize which modules are displayed in the FortiClient dashboard in the FortiClient profile. This will allow you to activate any of the modules at a later date without needing to re-install FortiClient. Any changes made to the FortiClient profile are pushed to connected clients.

When creating VPN only installation files, you cannot enable other modules in the FortiClient profile as only the VPN module is installed.

When deploying a custom FortiClient XML configuration, use the advanced profile options in FortiClient EMS to ensure the profile settings do not overwrite your custom XML settings. For more information, see the FortiClient XML Reference and the FortiClient EMS Administration Guide.

The FortiClient Configurator tool is included with the FortiClient Tools file in FortiClient 5.4.1. This file is only available on the Customer Service & Support portal and is located in the same file directory as the FortiClient images.

The Configurator tool requires activation with a license file. Ensure that you have completed the following steps prior to logging in to your FortiCare product web portal:

  • Purchased FortiClient Registration License l Activated the FortiClient license on a FortiGate

This video explains how to purchase and apply a FortiClient License: This chapter contains the following sections:

  • Download the license file on page 110 l Prepare configuration files on page 111 l Create a custom installer on page 113 l Custom installation packages on page 120 l Advanced FortiClient profiles on page 121

Download the license file

To retrieve your license file:

  1. Go to and log in to your FortiCare account.
  2. Under Asset select Manage/View Products. Select the FortiGate device that has the FortiClient registration license activated. You will see the Get the Key File link in the Available Key(s) 110


Prepare configuration files

  1. Click the link and download license file to your management computer. This file will be needed each time you use the FortiClient Configurator tool.

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