Wireless Packet sniffer

Example AP packet capture

The following image shows an example of the AP packet capture. Note the capture header showing channel 36; the beacon frame; the source, destination, and BSSID of the beacon frame; and the SSID of the beacon frame.


Useful debugging commands

For a comprehensive list of useful debug options you can use the following help commands on the controller:

diagnose wireless-controller wlac help

(this command lists the options available that pertain to the wireless controller)


diagnose wireless-controller wlwtp help

(this command lists the options available that pertain to the AP)


Sample outputs


diagnose wireless-controller wlac -c vap

(this command lists the information about the virtual access point, including its MAC address, the BSSID, its

SSID, the interface name, and the IP address of the APs that are broadcasting it)



bssid            ssid  intf    vfid:ip-port rId wId

00:09:0f:d6:cb:12 Office Office  ws (0- 0 0

00:09:0f:e6:6b:12 Office Office  ws (0- 0 0

06:0e:8e:27:dc:48 Office Office  ws (0- 0 0

0a:09:0f:d6:cb:12 public publicAP ws (0- 0 1



diagnose wireless-controller wlac -c darrp

(this command lists the information pertaining to the radio resource provisioning statistics, including the

AP serial number, the number of channels set to choose from, and the operation channel. Note that the 5GHz band is not available on these APs listed)



wtp_id          rId base_mac         index nr_chan vfid 5G oper_chan age

FAP22A3U10600400 0   00:09:0f:d6:cb:12 0    3      0   No 1        87588

FW80CM3910601176 0   06:0e:8e:27:dc:48 1    3      0   No 6        822


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