Fortinet Wireless Reference


This chapter provides some reference information pertaining to wireless networks.

  • FortiAP web-based manager
  • Wireless radio channels
  • WiFi event types
  • FortiAP CLI


FortiAP web-based manager

You can access the FortiAP unit’s built-in web-based manager. This is useful to adjust settings that are not available through the FortiGate unit’s WiFi Controller. Logging into the FortiAP web-based manager is similar to logging into the FortiGate web-based manager.


System Information


The Status section provides information about the FortiAP unit.


You can:

  • Select Change to change the Host Name.
  • Select Update in Firmware Version to upload a new FortiAP firmware file from your computer.
  • Select Change Password to change the administrator password.
  • Select Backup to save the current FortiAP configuration as a file on your computer.
  • Select Restore to load a configuration into your FortiAP unit from a file on your computer.


Network Configuration

Select DHCP or select Static and specify the IP address, netmask, and gateway IP address. Administrative Access settings affect access after the FortiAP has been authorized. By default, HTTP access needed to access the FortiAP web-based manager is enabled, but Telnet access is not enabled.



These settings determine how the FortiAP unit connects to the FortiGate WiFi controller.


Uplink                       Ethernet – wired connection to the FortiGate unit (default) Mesh – WiFi mesh connection

Ethernet with mesh backup support

Mesh AP SSID          Enter the SSID of the mesh root. Default: fortinet.mesh.root

Mesh AP Pass- word

Enter password for the mesh SSID.

Ethernet Bridge

Bridge the mesh SSID to the FortiAP Ethernet port.

This is available only whe Uplink is Mesh.

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