RADIUS SSO example

RADIUS SSO example

A common RADIUS SSO topology involves a medium sized company network of users connecting to the Internet through the FortiGate unit, and authenticating with a RADIUS server. RADIUS SSO authentication was selected because it is fast and relatively easy to configure.

This section includes:

  • Assumptions
  • Topology
  • Configuring RADIUS
  • Configuring FortiGate regular and RADIUS SSO security policies
  • Testing



  • VDOMs are not enabled
  • The admin super_admin administrator account will be used for all FortiGate unit configuration.
  • Any other devices on the network do not affect the topology of this example, and therefore are not included.
  • Anywhere settings are not described, they are assumed to be default values.
  • A RADIUS server is installed on a server or FortiAuthenticator unit and uses default attributes.
  • BGP is used for any dynamic routing.
  • Authentication event logging under Log&Report has been configured.

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