FortiOS 5.2.8 Release Notes

High Availability

Bug ID Description
370589 Deny traffic is not logged when HA vclusters are load balanced.
301101 hasync process is running 100% of CPU.
276844 Custom service specifying portrange cannot be synchronized after upgrade.
270267 DUAL Chassis – Standby Chassis Firewall sends traffic.
286827 BGP MD5 authentication error after HA failover.
365669 FGSP can not establish session-helper protocols in asymmetrical traffic environment (e.g.

ftp passive-mode) (TP-mode).

281112 HA(A-A) Running FIPS mode 5.0.12 stops reporting.
309532 Not all of IPsec SAs are synced after rebooting slave box.
366745 FortiCloud can not be activated via HA GUI with 2 brand new boxes.
357298 FGSP HA: after policy installation, session hardware off-load partially works.
283697 When a new device joins, the list of devices does not sync between master and slave.


Bug ID Description
301117 IPS consumes 99.9% even with very low traffic. IPS engine version 3.153.



Bug ID Description
287382 Username disappears from IKEv2 tunnel in IPsec monitor after rekey.
309458 Pass through NAT-T IPSec traffic can not be offloaded by NP6


Bug ID Description
373083 Broken remote log capabilities when resolve-ip is enabled.
301401 Local Report is generated even if it is disabled.
368496 One time schedule pre-expiration event log not generated in multi-vdom environments.


Bug ID Description
364309 Resolved IP is listed as MISSING and no route created.
265712 pdmd (pim dense mode) signal 11 crash.
309721 Backup FG sends VRRP advertisement on I/F link up.
298214 If two of four GWs for policy routes go down, one proute down but another proute incorrectly up
357487 pim-sm bsr flooding heavily on FGT
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