Testing FSSO

Testing FSSO

Once FSSO is configured, you can easily test to ensure your configuration is working as expected. For additional FSSO testing, see Troubleshooting FSSO on page 551.

1. Logon to one of the stations on the FSSO domain, and access an Internet resource.

2. Connect to the CLI of the FortiGate unit, and if possible log the output.

3. Enter the following command:diagnose debug authd fsso list

4. Check the output. If FSSO is functioning properly you will see something similar to the following:

—-FSSO logons—-

IP: User: ADMINISTRATOR Groups: VLAD-AD/DOMAIN USERS IP: User: ADMINISTRATOR Groups: VLAD-AD/DOMAIN USERS Total number of users logged on: 2

—-end of FSSO logons—-

The exact information will vary based on your installation.


5. Check the FortiGate event log, for FSSO-auth action or other FSSO related events with FSSO information in the message field.

6. To check server connectivity, run the following commands from the CLI:

FGT# diagnose debug enable

FGT# diagnose debug authd fsso server-status

FGT# Server Name Connection Status

———– —————– SBS-2003 connected

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