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Just to prevent any confusion. Administration Guides, Release Notes, and Data Sheets are directly from Fortinet. Apparently, someone believed that I was trying to pass this as my own original insight. Let’s face it, this site is 2 months old. There is no way I put over 2,000 pages of original content on this site in that time frame. Lets not be silly. That being said, original Fortinet GURU specific content is in fact posted here and will grow as the site develops. We take our experiences and post them here to provide insight while at the same time post reference material from Fortinet. Not everyone knows how to get their hands on the official Fortinet text and this site helps people find that information via the internet.

So in case anyone else out there is butt hurt, Nope, not all of this is mine, in fact, a very small bit of it so far is. I’m also not going to reinvent the wheel. Fortinet invented this stuff and developed documentation that explains in a pretty good manner how to handle various situations. I guess I could just read each paragraph and then reword it but that’s retarded.

So there you have it folks. The Administration Guides for each product, Release notes, and various other items that look like they are straight from Fortinet it is because they are. I thought that was pretty obvious but some people just need that shit spelled out. I am in no way trying to take credit for their work nor am I interested in you not visiting their sites. That is why I have them linked from the side bar and much of the content on this site has links to Fortinet directly in the content!

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