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I am seriously considering opening up a forum for visitors to surf and ask questions on. I know, I know, Fortinet already has a support forum. Yeah, well I want one that is better. There, I said it. Anyways, comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on this. I think it would, at the very least, be fun. A community of assholes that love working on Fortinet gear and getting the most out of their equipment. What could go wrong?

2 thoughts on “Fortinet GURU Community

  1. Paul

    i think will be great.
    even now your guide are better than fortinet guide.
    if you make a forum you are going to be a serius competitor for fortinet 🙂

    1. Mike Post author

      Thanks for the kind words Paul. A lot of the content on the site is direct from Fortinet documentation. The only difference is the presentation (mobile friendly vs being stuck in PDF’s etc). It is amazing how much presentation and things of that nature help.


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