Racked Some New Gear

We got some new hardware in the other day that we decided to rack today. Nothing too fancy, a few FortiGate 300D’s for an HA cluster, a few FortiSwitches, A FortiManager 200D and a FortiAnalyzer 200D. This are replacing older antiquated 100C units that we have hacked (installed a SSD in each) and prodded until they just couldn’t keep up anymore. The below picture is a quick shot of the devices before cable management and full connectivity has been completed.

You could say we have a pretty strong affinity for Fortinet Hardware. Hopefully this shows a bit of it. What is NOT in the photo are the AP’s throughout and a few other items.

Fortinet Hardware Installation

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2 thoughts on “Racked Some New Gear

  1. How do you like the FortiSwitches?

    • I originally despised them due to the lack of normal feature sets that are common among Cisco, HP, Juniper, etc hardware. With recent Firmware updates and the increased capabilities for a more streamlined management of the switches with the FortiGate they are moving up my list though.

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