Proxy mode and flow mode antivirus and web filter profile options

Proxy mode and flow mode antivirus and web filter profile options

The following tables list the antivirus and web filter profile options available in proxy and flow modes.


Antivirus features in proxy and flow mode  
Feature Proxy Flow

Scan Mode (Quick or Full)






Detect viruses (Block or Monitor)






Inspected protocols




no (all relevant protocols are inspected)


Inspection Options




yes (not available for quick scan mode)


Treat Windows Executables in Email Attachments as Viruses






Include Mobile Malware Protection






Web Filter features in proxy and flow mode


Feature                                                                                                       Proxy  Flow

FortiGuard category based filter                                                                         yes       yes (show, allow, monitor, block)


Category Usage Quota                                                                                       yes       no


Allow users to override blocked categories (on some models)                            yes       no


Search Engines                                                                                                   yes       no


Enforce ‘Safe Search’ on Google, Yahoo!, Bing,      yes       no



YouTube Education Filter                                        yes       no


Log all search keywords                                           yes       no


Static URL Filter                                                                                                  yes       yes


Block invalid URLs                                                   yes       no


URL Filter                                                                yes       yes


Block malicious URLs discovered by FortiSand-      yes       yes box


Web Content Filter                                                  yes       yes


Rating Options                                                                                                    yes       yes


Allow websites when a rating error occurs               yes       yes


Rate URLs by domain and IP Address                     yes       yes


Block HTTP redirects by rating                                yes       no


Rate images by URL                                               yes       no


Proxy Options                                                                                                      yes       no

Feature Proxy  Flow

Restrict Google account usage to specific domains

Provide details for blocked HTTP 4xx and 5xx errors

yes       no

yes       no

HTTP POST Action                                                 yes       no


Remove Java Applets Remove ActiveX                   yes       no


Remove Cookies                                                     yes       no


Filter Per-User Black/White List                               yes       no






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