Logging and Reporting

IPS logging optimization (254954)


The handling of IPS logs has been improved. No changes needed, just increased performance on the backend.


Export log messages to USB drive (258913 267501)

Logs can now be exported to a USB storage device, as Lz4 compressed files, from both CLI and GUI.

When you insert a USB drive into the FortiGate’s USB port the USB menu appears on the GUI. The menu shows the amount of storage on the USB disk and the log file size and includes a Copy to USB option that you can use to copy the log file to the USB drive.

From the CLI you can use the following command to export all log messages stored in the FortiGate log disk to a

USB drive:

execute backup disk alllogs usb

You can also use the following command to backup just traffic logs to a USB drive:

execute backup disk log usb traffic


Disable performance status logging by default (253700)

Performance statistic logging is now disabled by default. It can be re-enabled in CLI, to occur every 1-15 minutes

(enter 0 to disable):

config system global

set sys-perf-log-interval <number from 0-15>


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