To be able to offload Web Caching to a FortiCache device you should:

1. Go to System > External Security Devices, enable HTTP Service, select FortiCache and add the IP address of your FortiCache device.

2. Go to Policy & Objects > IPv4 Policy, add or edit a firewall policy and select Web Cache.

When you add web caching to a firewall policy, web traffic accepted by the policy is offloaded to the FortiCache device for processing.

Enabling FortiCache on the External Security Devices page adds the following configuration to the CLI:

config system wccp set service-id 51

set router-id (the IP address of the FortiGate interface that communicates with the FortiCache)

set group address

set server-list (the IP address of the FortiCache)

set authentication disable set forward-method GRE

set return-method GRE

set assignment-method HASH


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