Configuring the FortiClient SSO Mobility Agent

Configuring the FortiClient SSO Mobility Agent

The user’s device must have at least FortiClient Endpoint Security v5.0 installed. Only two pieces of information are required to set up the SSO Mobility Agent feature: the FortiAuthenticator unit IP address and the preshared secret.

The user needs to know the FortiAuthenticator IP address and preshared secret to set up the SSO Mobility Agent. Or, you could preconfigure FortiClient.


To configure FortiClient SSO Mobility Agent:

1. In FortiClient Endpoint Security, go to File > Settings.

You must run the FortiClient application as an administrator to access these settings.

2. Select Enable single sign-on mobility agent. Enter the FortiAuthenticator unit IP address, including the listening port number specified on the FortiAuthenticator unit.

Example: You can omit the port number if it is 8005.

3. Enter the preshared key.

4. Select OK.


Viewing SSO authentication events on the FortiGate unit

User authentication events are logged in the FortiGate event log. Go to Log & Report > Event Log > User.


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