High Availability – FortiManager 5.2

To configure a remote backup unit for HA operation:

  1. Connect to the backup unit Web-based Manager.
  2. Go to System Settings > HA.
  3. Configure HA settings.

Example remote backup configuration:

Operation Mode Slave
Priority 5 (Keep the default setting.)
Peer IP
Peer SN <serial_number>
Cluster ID 15
Group Password password
Heartbeat Interval 5 (Keep the default setting.)
Failover Threshold 3 (Keep the default setting.)
  1. Select Apply.
  2. Power off the backup unit.

Monitoring        status

To change the network configuration so that the remote backup unit and the primary unit can communicate with each other:

Configure the appropriate firewalls or routers to allow HA heartbeat and synchronization traffic to pass between the primary unit and the remote backup unit using the peer IPs added to the primary unit and remote backup unit configurations.

HA traffic uses TCP port 5199.

To connect the cluster to the networks:

  1. Connect the cluster units.

No special network configuration is required for the cluster.

  1. Power on the cluster units.

The units start and user HA heartbeat packets to find each other, establish the cluster, and synchronize their configurations.

To add basic configuration settings to the cluster:

Configure the cluster to connect to your network as required.

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